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Conquering Clutter & Discarding Disarray

We really enjoy working with people and helping them organize. With a focus on personalized service and customer satisfaction, we are always working hard to exceed our clients’ high standards and expectations. Please read the services provided and not provided below. 


We look forward to helping you organize!

Do we clean homes? Unfortunately, we are not a home cleaning service. We have been known to run a vacuum, sweep a broom or dust off bookshelves while we are there, but stand assured that whatever organizing session we are organizing will be very clean. 

Services Not Provided


Services Provided

(1) Consultation
(2) Organize small and large spaces
(3) Organize office space(s)
(4) Organize calendars and day-to-day schedule plans
(5) Declutter
(6) Recommend organizational plans
(7) Storage solutions

Green Bathroom

Services NOT Provided

(1) Interior Design

(2)Housekeeping/Maid Service

(3) Installs

(4) Designing

(5) Home Repairs

(6) Renovations

(7) Assembling furniture

*Though we do not provide these services, we have sub contractors for you. 

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